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Apr 2022 The Telegraph James Foxhall    The Problem of Blinding Car Headlights
Feb 2018 Next City Josh Cohen The Case Against Bright-as-the-Sun Flashing Bike Lights
Jan 2018  i News Campaigners call for dazzling headlights to be dimmed
Nov 2017 The Guardian Associated Press  Why the nights are getting brighter – but not in a good way
Nov  2017 George Dvosky  The Switch to Outdoor LED Lighting Has Completely Backfired 
May 2017  Daily Mail - Why are headlights so painfully blinding? by John Naish
October 2015  Road Safety News Blinding Lights blamed for soaring accident rate
November 2014  Simon Donohue Campaign against blinding headlamps takes fight to USA   
October 2012 Matt Rudd seeks enlightenment on the dark roads The Sunday Times Magazine
January 2012 Bright White Headlights Are They Safe? Dr. Michael Mehta Jan 2012
December 2011 Thisis Sussex Cab driver calls for ban on blinding lights
August 2011 Powerful Blog on Daytime Running Lights  by
June 2011 Too bright to drive - the new HID headlights 
May 2011 - Its an absolute Lightmare
May2011 Fight to end menace of dazzling Xenon headlights by Joseph Dunn
April 2011 Taxi Globe issue 657
April 2011 Lightmare reinstates need to install SolarLite Road Studs
Astucia SolarLite Road Studs  
April 2011 High intensity Lights Dazzle drivers - reference to Geoff Roberson's press release
April 2011 Glare on the roads: Are we being driven to distraction?  Geoff Roberson from the
 Association of Optometrists says that HID-Xenon lights could be a problem for motorists
April 2011 Cycling Website of the year - London Cabbie launches Lightmare campaign against menace of HID lights
April 2011 Driving Instructors Association - Society of Motor Manufacturers claim HID headlights do not dazzle - it's a figment of your imagination !
April 2011 BBC News report by Sangita Myska
March 2011 Diesel Car Magazine -  Its a Lightmare by Sue Baker
March 2011    PIAA Safety fears raised over mandatory daytime vehicle lights 
March 2011 Southside Broadcasting Alex Lewczuk - Scroll down to 10 March or
Download MP3 Podcast 6MB
February 2011 Care Motoring - Lightmare
February 2011 Classic Bike News
February 2011 Autoblog readers condemn dangerous HID headlights - An Autoblog poll has revealed that an incredible 90% of drivers think HID-Xenon headlights are dangerous
February 2011 Autoblog readers condemn dangerous HID headlights - they affect Pedestrian Safety
February 2011 War on bright headlamps
February 2011 Safety fears raised over mandatory Daytime Running Lights
February 2011 Headlight fight hots up in the war on the bobby dazzlers
The poll indicated 90% of drivers thought HID-Xenon headlights dangerous
January/February 2011 Official launch of Lightmare campaign
Driving Instructors Association Supports Lightmare campaign
January/February 2011 All things Bright and Debatable - Daytime Running Lights
European Legislation won't enhance road safety, in fact quite the contrary say Howard Redwood in Driving Magazine published by the Driving Instructors Association
January 2011 Driving Instructors support campaign against blinding headlights
January 2011 MSN Cars Inside Track by Dan Trent
December 2010 Right to Ride supports Lightmare
July 2010 Dazzled by Xenon Headlamps - Tough luck says the Government
Response to No10 e Petition to reduce glare
March 2010 Blindingly Obvious - Taxi Magazine
When being driving at night are continually being blinded by oncoming cars and those behind you? Ken Perham says the law RVLR that states "lights must not dazzle other drivers" must be enforced.
December 2009 A Light's not just for Christmas by Paul Caddick Managing Editor ADInews
"Light is an essential part of our lives, whether physically and spiritually. As with anything that has such powerful potential, it needs to be used with care and consideration to prevent us from being blinded by the possibilities that may prevent us from seeing any potentially darker consequences."
October 2009 BBC One Show U-tube clip  Cabbies guide to motor manners  - including blinding lights
January/February 2009 Lightmare - the origins of our campaign
Forever in search of unique selling points and safety features manufacturers have latched onto the dangers of night driving and are trying to out-dazzle each other with hi-tech headlights.
But what about the driver or rider coming the other way?  Driver training consultant Howard Redwood and Ken Perham a London Taxi driver who has operated solely at night for the last 36 years examine a growing road menace and ask whether it's time for the law to be updated.

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BBC April 2011
Sangita Myska
The Lightmare

The Cabbies Guide to Motor Manners
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