Motorcyclists at risk...

Lightmare are supported by the main UK motorcyclist's organisations:-
 British Motorcyclists Federation  BMF     Motorcycle Action Group MAG  and Right to Ride -

Motorcyclists need maximum of conspicuity and have been campaigning against other vehicles using daytime lights for over 20 years.  

They say when all vehicles use headlights or high brightness LED that their benefit of using headlights in daytime will be lost.

Motorcyclist masked by  Range Rover headlights

Wow! I didn't see that biker coming past!

Special acknowledgement must be given to Stephen Prower ex research officer of the BMF for campaigning against DRL long before anybody else and for highlighting major flaws in the EU consultant's reports that have led to the introduction of DRL.

 Index to expert critiques of the EU DRL studies (.pdf)

    Pfleger and Heilig

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