The real concern to a cyclist, is loss of conspicuity .....

Lightmare are supported by the National Cyclists organisation the CTC
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A driver cocooned in the safety cage of an airbag padded metal box with lights ablaze, reduces the perception of hazards for all other drivers distracting their concentration - sometimes with fatal consequences for less conspicuous road users.

 ## See Safe Cycling by Prof Peter Heilig which explains in layman's terms the effects upon the eye of blinding lights ##

Racing cyclists masked by headlights

A driver's natural tendency is to shy away from the other car with potential disastrous results for the cyclists who should be given a clearance of at least 2 metres.

This escalating light madness caused by vehicles is forcing cyclists to use powerful front and rear flashing LED lamps in an attempt at self preservation BUT unwittingly they making it collectively worse for everyone creating a LIGHTMARE!

Troute Cycle Light  Liberator 3
This comment from the Bikeradar forum says it all....
"Bought a Liberator 3 from Troute lights.
Run it on full beam flashing 2,000 lumens!
Even had oncoming cars stop on their side of the road.
Best 300quid I ever spent!
Get One and Get Even!
 It's a jungle out there."

Should cyclists have to spend £300 to defend themselves against cars and trucks thus escalating the LIGHTMARE??

  Wolfgang Schober   Vimeo (3mins)
The Cabbies Guide to Motor Manners
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